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For your home

For Your Home

You have many areas around your home where you want to add an extra layer of safety and security for your family. We offer products that are perfect for outdoor sheds, gates, toolboxes, and cabinets, Brinks Home Security padlocks are built tough, with high quality materials to provide you with years of reliable use.

School, gym, and travel

School / Gym

Time to secure your belongings in a locker at school, perhaps you joined a health club, or have a new locker at work. Maybe you are taking the family vacation, and want to lock up your luggage when you check in with the airlines. Brinks Home Security offers a wide selection of padlocks to safely and conveniently secure any of your valuables. We offer padlocks in keyed varieties or resettable combinations, giving you options for quality security where and when you need it most.

Store and cables


We all have instances when we need a cable and lock to securely protect valuables outdoors. On the road and mobile with bikes, motorcycles, or jet skis, where you need that extra layer of security when trailering. Perhaps you need to lock an expensive grill or patio furniture outside your home. Brinks Home Security offers wide variety of cable lengths, styles, and configurations to meet all your needs, no matter where or what usage occasion.

Commercial Stainless Steel

Commercial Stainless Steel

Our solid body padlocks feature 100% stainless steel construction for superior corrosion resistance. Each lock is made of 100% 304 grade stainless, including the shackle, lock body, cylinder, and springs, and these locks exceed the rigorous testing standards set by ANSI and ASTM.

Commercial Laminated Steel

Commercial Laminated Steel

These Commercial Grade padlocks are designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions you have. Using tough performing materials like BORON steel in the shackles for superior cut resistance, multi-layered jackets and bumpers to protect your possessions from scratching and marring, stainless steel balls and bolts to provide superior pry resistance, all provide you with the peace of mind you demand for your home and business property.


Download Our Catalogs

As part of our unique, creative merchandising programs, you can download either of our product portfolio catalogs from this link. For over thirty years Hampton has grown by providing outstanding product performance for its padlock customers by manufacturing high quality, superior performing padlocks. We offer a wide variety of innovative padlock styles, sizes, and material types to meet all your needs, each backed by a lifetime warranty.

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As a trusted brand in security products, the Brinks Home SecurityTM name is synonymous with peace of mind, strength, trust, safety, and quality. Our products deliver reliable performance, are easy to use and install, and offer an outstanding value. Every Brink’s Home SecurityTM product is designed to keep your home, loved ones, and your valuables safe by exceeding rigorous ASTM testing standards, and using the highest quality materials to provide you with years of worry free use.

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